Vissari Rangehoods from Rangehood Solutions

Superior Airflow, Superior Silence, Superior Service

The Vissari collection of kitchen rangehoods has been designed and perfected by the team at Rangehood Solutions. After having installed thousands of all brands and style of the kitchen extractor fan, we have been able to create an exclusive product range that meets contemporary design, excellent extraction performance, and durability with our high-class brand Vissari.

Many of our Builder and kitchen groups, having contracted Rangehood Solutions for many years, now install the Vissari rangehoods range as standard issue, in all their new homes, kitchen builds and renovations.

Sleek Designs

Our range comes in a variety of styles to match any kitchen, from the new Remote fan/motor Silent Series options for a silent rangehood, to a Canopy rangehood range with the wow factor and concealed Powerpak units that only a keen eye can suspect.

Durable, Easy to Clean

All our kitchen rangehood fan surfaces are made of durable 304 Stainless which can be easily wiped down with household stainless cleaner and our rangehood filters can be regularly put in the dishwasher for easy grease removal. All Vissari Rangehoods have an excess oils catchment drip tray, a must for any Rangehood.

Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency is top of our list when choosing motors, working parts and range hood ducting, minimal packaging keeps New Zealand beautiful, and caring for our environment is top of our list too!

Easy to Use

Simple is best. You don’t have to be a Masterchef to drive our Rangehoods – Easy to clean Touch control screens, Everlasting LED Lights – features designed for making life stress-free


All our Vissari range is covered under our 5 year New Zealand parts failure warranty.


We only service our Vissari Brand - Call Rangehood Solutions for all your Vissari Rangehood servicing



Our High Quality Rangehood Accessories

How important is the rangehood ducting used in installations?

Without high quality rangehood accessories like ducting, vents, offset options and adaption fittings, all the features of your new rangehood will be lost. Installing the correct accessories plays a huge part in the noise and functioning of your extractor fan to eliminate the smells, grease and moisture quickly from your kitchen.

In all our installations and sales, our accessories include high specification rangehood ducting products. Our High spec ducting products are flame-proof and rodent proof and they have a smooth internal bore allowing for maximum unrestricted airflow extraction.

Rangehood Solutions endeavour to use rigid ducting where possible because it allows for the smooth path for the extracted air, which cuts the noise by reducing the air turbulence and maintains the performance of your kitchen hood.

Rangehood Solutions have a host of other accessories designed to complete your rangehood installation professionally and suitably for maximum operation.

Our accessories include:

High Quality Semi Rigid Ducting which is an aluminium smooth internal bore product that allows high unrestricted airflow around any radius/bend or offset.

Rectangle PVC boxed range hood ducting for in wall frame or limited space installations.

A variety of rectangle and round adaption fittings to fit all types of rangehoods to new and existing ducting.

High Quality Roof Vent products and systems that will ensure the weather tightness of your home in New Zealand’s variable climate conditions